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    Quote Originally Posted by TheUntalentedOne View Post
    Update 25

    Attachment 793

    This is a picture of the crash site from the "other side" of the tree. I don't want to show the close ups out of respect for Michael and family. Keep him in your thoughts.

    Michael's sister ...

    We had the final hearing today that granted me guardianship over my brother.
    Look down this road. You couldn't count the number of trees. What are the odds that he was in this exact spot at this exact moment.
    A lot of lives were changed in this split second in August.
    It was at this time; summer really did collapse into fall. (Oscar Wilde)
    The worst is behind him. Now he will continue to navigate his new life with a brain injury and learning to use his leg again.
    I know this isn't the worst that could happen to someone but the odds of him surviving his injuries were nil, and especially, on this road with just one falling tree at the same time he would be passing through. God had other plans.
    The damn timing on that one, me and my family are still rooting for him on his long path to recovery.

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    Any updates?

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