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    new apple macbook pros m1

    hi all
    anybody here that would like to share their experiences with the new m1 apple machines ?
    are they worth the upgrade for music productions ?
    any thoughts on compatibility issues ?

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    Hello Avalon

    I recently purchased one of the M1 MacBook Pro models and an M1 iPad Pro. I made my decision after consulting a very knowledgeable friend who was able to inform me about the M1 chip.

    I have literally been blown away by the new MacBook. Not only are they stunning to look at but they are also stunning to use. I use Logic Pro X and had upgraded from a 2018 Macbook Air. The way Apple has integrated Logic and many controls into the Touch Bar is simply unreal. Youíd actually need to use one to really appreciate this integration and how smooth as well as helpful it is.

    Installing software and tools was a very quick process. The machine handled it like a dream.

    I have an 8gb ddr model as I couldnít find a 16gb version at the time not even on Appleís website. One of their advisors couldnít tell me if they existed. Even with the 8gb, music production and processing are excellent. My 8gb ram M1 MacBook Pro has handled everything Iíve thrown at it production wise and is a dramatic improvement over the 2018 i5 8gb ram 256gb ssd MacBook Air. The air feels like a toy compared to it. The air was a quick machine but now feels sluggish compared to the M1.

    As for compatibility issues, the only issues I have had are those that are to be expected with certain audio units / plugins not being compatible with the latest OS/technology. If you are using another DAW other than Logic, I would suggest a quick Google and YouTube search to see what others have found compatibility wise with your DAW. Iíd also advise you did the same with any plugins or synths you may plan to use.

    If there is anywhere near to you with a demo model on display, I would also suggest going to see one first. GarageBand should be installed on it, and you should be able to have a play about and get a feel for the machine and itís capabilities as well as a feel for the Touch Bar.

    Everything about the M1 MacBook Pro for me has been top quality, even the keyboard and trackpad. Itís some of the simple things that Apple does just so well and better than anyone else combined with a beast of a laptop that makes these so good in my opinion. I would highly recommend these but also that you try one of you can! Donít just take my word for it!!

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