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    Quote Originally Posted by multiman View Post
    The equivalent bit depth of this audio is low due to the inversion, and there are also resampling artifacts. Also, if they are splitting drum stems up in any of these songs, we cannot get the separate drum stems using this method. Also, we can't rip the audience track this way. What would be better is to have access to the mogg files because they can be ripped on RB3 the old way.
    In RB4 drums stems aren't split anymore, the reason RB4 moggs are rippable in RB3 is because they use Enc Type 0x10, Which is supported by RB3, for an example here's a rip I did of 'The Who' - 'The Seeker', it has the audience track too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sir Taurean View Post
    Do we have any idea how access to MOGG files can be done? I am more then willing to put in the effort as well. Again, thank you so much for this guide. Have yet to see anyone who has the knowledge to give such information as you have. Cheers!! :D :D
    You would need an Xbox One or a PS4 on a specific (old) software version. And even then, you can only access DLC that was previously downloaded onto the console.

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    I remember that on RB3 Xbox version, I do this:
    1) Purchase/Download from some site the DLC you want to rip
    2) Copy the DLC on a usb drive, if you have downloaded it on your xbox
    3) Open the usb drive, then the CON package (the DLC package) with some software like Modio, or explore the usb with some other tool, and use C3 Con Tools to open the package.
    4) Now navigate to a text file (I don't remember the name) where song settings were written.
    5) Here you could find audio volume levels for each track.
    6) Lower all of them, except the ones you want to rip.
    7) Setup recording with an optic audio cable.
    8) Play any instrument which is not the part you are ripping (I prefer the vocals, because it does not require to have all of the hardware instruments).
    9) Repeat the process with every single track you are going to rip.

    Tip: you could create more packages of the same song, by just changing the ID. You could even change the title. For example, you could have made five different version of the same song, but every one of them had lowered volume levels on specific tracks.

    This ensures a better quality than phase inversion, and sometimes better isolation too, but you have always to sync tracks and adjust the global volume level.
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