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    Game of Thrones s07

    I only really hopped aboard the GOT train at around season 5 then i asked myself why i didnt watch it sooner!
    Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 1 airs tonight (9pm US, 2am UK)

    So GOT fans, there has been so many rumours about what the last 2 seasons will bring, what are you views?
    I watched season 6 yesterday so i was fully caught up. Besides the obvious alliances:
    Lanisters - Frays
    Snow & free folk - Stark - Knights of the Vail
    Dragon Queen - Greyjoy siblings

    Where will the 'God of Light's' allegiance lie? One priestess has been banished from Snow & the other following the Dragon Queen who looks to have the backing of Mereen and House Tyrell & House Martell. I would love for Jon Snow to affiliate with the Dragon Queen but im not sure if it will pan out that way. It seems anyone who favours the God of Light will hold supremacy right night, the brothers without a flag & the hound, even the many faced god has many references to the Gold of Light. What has the story line got in store for Samwell Tarly and will we see involvement from the Citadel in the great war? Who ever survives the upcoming battles between the houses will be the force that faces the ice king in a season 8 finale.

    Your thoughts people?

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    not ice king

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