Multi-Platinum Engineer / Mixer Kenny Gioia is "Remixing Explained"! Watch Kenny explain what Remixing is, and show how to Remix a Song containing a Lead Vocal Track from the ground up. You also get the Vocal Track used in the series, so you can follow along and remix it in real-time with Kenny.

Kenny begins with a thorough introduction, discussing what Remixes are and then the original version of the song you're going to Remix. He also reveals his approach. Next, Kenny focuses on the Lead Vocal Track, Showing you how to Time-Stretch it to fit the Tempo of the New Arrangement. The all-important Drum Tracks are then created, including Loops and Percussion, followed by an Acoustic Guitar part.

Moving on, Kenny gets into the Synth Parts, making Leads, Pads and more. After printing all the Virtual Instrument parts, Kenny works on the Arrangement, creating peaks and valleys for excitement and motion. Before moving on the Final Mix, Kenny adds some FX, Drum Fills and White Noise to emphasize the Transitions when going to different Sections of the Arrangement.

If you're into EDM or Remixing in general, this series will get you going from the beginning, all the way to Mixing the final. Get how to rearrange and recreate ... Get "Remixing Explained" today!

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