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How do I connect as a live DJ & format correctly?

Host IP:
Port: 5938
Password: stream:connect (Shoutcast v1)
Icecast will not connect.

To enable the DJ online indicator you must manually update the title via your broadcasting software.
Format your stream title correctly to include:

   [live] - to change online indicator to online(red).
   [id:userid] - to change to your avatar.

Example: DJ Name - My Mix [live] [id:1234]

Currently known software support:
  • Mixxx
    Mac OS X / Windows
    Broadcasting - Not Compatible (Shoutcast v1 & Icecast only)
  • PCDJ
    Mac OS X / Windows
    Broadcasting - Not Compatible (Icecast only)
  • Serato
    Mac OS X
    Broadcasting - Compatible (Limited sources only)
  • Traktor
    Mac OS X / Windows
    Broadcasting - Not Compatible (Icecast only)
  • Virtual DJ
    Mac OS X / Windows
    Broadcasting - Compatible (Unable to manually update titles. Fails to update Stream online indicator)
If your software does not support broadcasting features we recommend: If you need further assistance please open a support ticket.

How to broadcast with Virtual DJ

Configure broadcasting in Virtual DJ

  • Open Virtual DJ and click on the "Record tab" underneath your decks.
  • Click on "Broadcast" in the left menu.
  • Then click on "Config" in the main section.
  • A new window will now open.
  • Select 'MPEG (Shoutcast)' as format and 128Kbs for 'Bitrate'.
  • Select 'Broadcast to a radio server'.
  • Input details required.

Please note: Manual title changes in Virtual DJ are not available thus enabling Stream's online indicator will not work.

Start broadcasting from Virtual DJ

You are now ready to test your broadcast settings in Virtual DJ.
  • Load a track in Virtual DJ and start playing it.
  • Open Virtual DJ and click on the "Record tab" underneath your decks.
  • Click on "Broadcast" in the left menu.
  • Click on 'Start recording'.
  • Virtual DJ is now broadcasting your audio.

How can i share the link to my friends or page?

Our root stream server has no domain.
You can access it via the server IP:PORT -

We don't currently offer embedding features.

How can i send my mixes to the auto DJ playlist?

Our stream is online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The main purpose of this stream is for DJ's to broadcast their mixing skills and tracks worldwide. When live DJ's are not broadcasting we have auto DJ playlists playing the biggest hits. We allow members to send us their mixtapes of hits, latest tracks or tastes/genres they play.

You can either upload your mixes in the Mix Blogs area or send your mixes to our stream manager for consideration.
- email:
Note: Sending your mixes does not guarantee they will be used. Sending more than one mix per email will be ignored.

Please ensure mixes are between 10 minutes - 2 hours and are of the highest quality available.

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