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Why has my registration been declined?

If you share an IP address with a current member then your account registration will be declined. The other account may also receive disciplinary action for attempting to create multiple accounts. We urge you to register on your own network with a unique IP address. Proxy detection is active to prevent identity cloaking.

We refuse approval to strange usernames and/or suspicious or unknown emails too.

All registrations are manually reviewed by our registration team.

How do I edit my profile and settings?

A member can edit their profile and other settings by hovering over their avatar at the head of the forum.

You will then be presented with your user control panel where you can access your
  • Private messaging
  • View your subscribed threads
  • View your paid subscriptions
  • View recent reputation given and received
Here you can also change an abundance of settings regarding your literecords account.

It is in here that you can change things such as your profile picture, avatar, signature, and edit various different account settings..

How can I change my username?

This cannot be done manually, you must request a username change with a support ticket. We allow a member to change their username if a typo or case sensetivity error occurs upon registration.

If a username change due to change of alias or stage name, it will be reviewed by staff.

How do i remove my account?

We don't remove accounts, we can disable access to your account if you wish.
We will not contact you or share your details with other parties. We keep account details on record for security purposes.

How do i become a Premium member? (Gold Zone access)

This group is very exclusive and is invitation-only.

There are 2 ways to gain access to this group:
  • In earning 500+ credits we will review your account for promotion. (Purchased credits will not be counted)
  • Becoming a regular DJ on our Stream (internet radio service).

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