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Why cant I view hidden content?

Reading our REP System will help you understand why you may not be able to view hidden content.

How do I HIDE links?

It is compulsory that within the download section all links must be wrapped in HIDE tags.
This enables the Rep System to charge members credits for downloading.

HIDE tags BBcode can also be used around URL tags to make the link accessable and easier for a user to click, like so..
[HIDE] [URL] hidden content [/URL] [/HIDE]

OR you can highlight your hidden content and press the button.

Why can't I post this file?

File hosts come and go. Also when a re-occurring habit of removed files is noticed we add the file host to our blacklist to prevent further problems. Current Blacklist

What is the procedure for reporting dead links?

There may be certain times when a user replies to a thread and the link has expired. The thread can be reported to staff by clicking 'report as dead link' button at the top of the page. Staff will check the reported thread and remove it 'if' the link is down. (Dead links are displayed in the recycling bin for a short time before they are permanently deleted. This gives the author (or another member) chance to re-up (re-upload) the content.

Members are responsible for thoroughly reading through later posts of a thread as an indication from replies to whether the file is active. Members who fail to do this and reply to a thread in which other members have previously stated that the link has expired, credits will not be renewed. Members who reply to a thread and are the first to notice an expired/dead link can report the link as dead. They will be renewed with their lost credit.

Members must not report threads without have THANKED first, the only exception being gold account holders.
Members must not report threads that are already in the dead links forum, this is considered to be a waste of staff time and will be disciplined.

We have an automated system that will scan links but we do not have the API script for all file hosts so some may slip through the net.

Why do some shares have prefix icons?

We use prefixes in forums within the Green Zone which have quality ranges. These only serve a purpose incase the URL within the thread becomes inactive (dead link) and gets moved to the Recycling Bin forum. Sometimes these threads and content dont specifically indicate what the file is because when originally posted it was in the designated forum.

Some of these icons look like: Acapella or Instrumental (hover over the icon for more detail).

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