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  1. THANK YOU SSSSSSOOOO MUCH FOR THE HELP!!! (tracks are completely yours to upload- I am forever thankful for you!)
  2. Gonna upload the incubus, they have a text file in the zips for you to read once I can get the links completed.
  3. Hey man, dont mean to bug you or anything like that but- is there a chance you can please rip the Incubus RB3 dlc? thanks in advance
  4. Sure there are things much more important than multitracks and you do what you have to do
    good luck with the job hunt!
    Thanks a million!
    when and if you do get the time to do so, i would highly appreciate it (whenever possible)
  5. Incubus can not be decrypted. Nothing after Dec 2008 can be decrypted. They have to be ripped. I cannot rip them myself because I have too much on me right now. Like getting a job or I'll be on the streets. Sorry about this.
  6. Hey! do you know how to decrypt multitracks? I have Incubus pack and dont know how to make it as muktitracks...can you help? (obviously itll be your upload)
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