• DJ Academy: Learn to mix properly

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    It's true, there is a secret to being a top DJ!

    It’s a secret most DJ's won't share with you. You won’t learn it in any DJ forum and you certainly won’t find it watching free 'How to be a DJ' video's on YouTube. The truth is all the 'so called' DJ/Tutor's on You Tube are not really interested in helping you, they're only really interested in showing you how good they are!
    With so much mis-information about is it any wonder then why so many of us are left confused and frustrated after listening to and watching so many ‘self-confessed’ DJ experts who clearly have no real ‘hands on’ experience.
    So here's the Good News!

    Whether you’ve been struggling to get it all together for a while or haven’t even touched on a pair of decks before. With the right help, guidance and training you can finally learn to Mix and DJ correctly, plus learn all the 'inside' industry secrets to become the top 'pro' DJ.

    So, If you don't know your CDJ's from your XDJ's. Can't get your head round any of the DJ Softwares like, Traktor, Serato or Virtual DJ. Or would simply love to learn how to mix 'old skule' using Vinyl or need to understand Rekordbox and simply don’t know where to start. DJ Academy offers expert help, advice and training for just about any DJ problem you may be facing.
    With DJ Classes' and experienced Tutors based throughout the UK, DJ Academy is the only UK DJ Training school to offer Part time classes plus 1-on-1 personal coaching services in most major cities (see map above) so help is never too far away.

    Training with Champions!

    DJ Academy has been training people to become top 'pro' DJ’s for over 14 years now. What started as a small group of students in the West Midlands back in 2001 has now grown to be the largest National DJ Training School in the UK training World Champions such as 'DJ Switch' the first ever! DMC 'TRIPLE WORLD' Battle Champion and current 'World DMC Mixing Champion'.
    Since first winning the title back in 2008 DJ Switch has performed on stage supporting the likes of Magnetic Man, Nero, Professor Green and Public Enemy (just to name a few) and is the first 'ever' DJ to perform with the National youth orchestra on stage at the Royal Albert Hall plus he's even appeared on Blue Peter!
    DJ Switch is now part of our exclusive line up of expert Tutors along with Ritchie Rufftone, former 'DMC World Supremacy Battle Champion' and Current 'IDA World Mixing Champion' and Atomic Hooligan (Award winning DJ and Record producer) plus many more internationally acclaimed tutors all ready to help you. So you can rest assured you’ll be receiving ‘World Class’ training by World Champion Tutors!!

    Whether you’re starting from scratch!

    DJ Academy trains new DJ's to reach the highest levels within the Nightclub Industry. Leading to realjob opportunities by giving you a full understanding of how the industry works to help fast-track your way to the top.

    Our award-winning courses are conducted by 'working' professional DJ's with many years of ‘hands on’ experience (some as much as 30yrs) at all levels within the national (and International) Clubbing industry.

    Whether you just want to impress your friends in your local 'Cool' Club/Bar, or mix and scratch your way to superstardom on the world stage, DJ Academy has a course that can take you from the Bedroom to the main room in no time at all.