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    How to extract Backing Vocals


    [h]How to extract Backing Vocals[/h]


    Let's say an artist gives you a vocal stem, but you need to separate LVs & BVs. I will group a few approaches, separated by time & difficulty. Try approaches starting from the top, first. Ideally, methods within each group will sound similar.

    FFT Imaging, extract sides

    1. 1A. In Audacity, Effect > Vocal Reduction > Remove Center . Or,[/*]
    2. 1B. Using the AOM Stereo Imager D VST, turn off auto-gain & turn down center[/*]
    3. 1C. In Audition, use Center Channel Extractor in "Center" mode to extract the side[/*]

    FFT Imaging, extract out of phase

    1. 2A. In Audition, use Center Channel Extractor in "Surround" mode, or use my project , or[/*]
    2. 2B. In REAPER, install my Reaper-Surround suite, then use my project to export 6ch. Keep & discard the channels as you like.[/*]

    FFT Melodic extraction

    1. 3A. Use my Melodyne Quickstart guide, or[/*]
    2. 3B. Use Hit n Mix Infinity[/*]
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