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    Live Stream / Software / Hardware questions!!


    Thanks again for having me @literecords.

    I was hoping that maybe some of the more modern DJ's may be able to help me. I am pretty old school when it comes to DJ'ing. I have quite the setup.

    I prefer mixing on vinyl and I have a very good set of direct drive turntables as well as a pretty full on mixer.

    This enquirey is regarding numerous topics as well as live gigging, I'd also like to state I'm a pretty talented producer and know my way round all of the major DAWS.

    Currently, I have each TT (turntable) connected to designated mixer channel. Then the audio is routed from the master out at the back of the mixer into a left and right channel input on my windows/Mac/iOS compatible audio interface.

    I also have a pioneer wedj go 4 and a native instruments Traktor control s2.

    Both controllers/interfaces are also routed to my main mixer and thus routed to the same line in channels on the aforementioned audio interface.

    With the pioneer I have been using Djay2 on iOS on an iPad Pro, and with the s2 I have also been using iOS with the traktor DJ application. Both produce wonderful results as gain staging is very easy to keep on top of, as is monitoring overall mix levels etc.

    I have recently procured a new MacBook. I also have licensed copies of virtual dj and rekordbox.

    I wish to use all of my equipment for both live streams on Facebook (currently use OBS via windows 10 mini beast pc) as well as use it for live gigging. Now, I know what I'm doing. I am not clueless, what I would like to ask though if some of the more experienced technophobes could maybe steer me in the right direction.

    Say for instance I have said gig in club.

    I won't be carting 2 turntables and boxes of vinyl with me, I would like to use what I have, for example MacBook and wedj go 4 plugged into a channel on the clubs mixer running the Mac version of Djay2. This will give me up to 4 decks and a multitude of effects. I would also have iPad Pro/s2 connected to another channel on clubs mixer as this will give me another two sub channels / decks to play with as well as all the fantastic effects and toys within traktor dj app.

    This not only gives me a lot of tools at my disposal but also a failsafe should I run into any technical issues while live with either the MacBook/djay2 or the s2/traktor dj/iPad Pro.

    So that's the plan.

    What I would like to know is

    1 - What is the preferred software for playing live with a MacBook at the helm? (I prefer djay on OS X and iOS because of the seamless Spotify premium integration, again this gives a lot of scope depending on type of gig/playlists that can be created and downloaded offline etc)

    2 - Can someone recommend another application (iOS or OS X) that has Spotify integration???

    3 - Has anybody given Apple Music a go? If so what is it like for extended EDM club mixes? Or is it full of radio edits?

    4 - Has anybody tried Beatport pro? It is quite expensive and only allows an offline library of 100 tracks and that is with the top subscription.

    5 - Any better tips for streaming live to Facebook. Numerous times my stream key has expired mid session causing abrupt end to the stream on my artist page.

    6 - Can any of you recommend an app like wirecast that would enable me to stream to multiple locations at once (including the literecords stream/shoutcast

    As my set up is now, I take the video and audio feeds separately, route them to OBS and broadcast directly to Facebook.

    Surely there's a way to take these sources or split them and stream them to multiple platforms at once, including lite records (even when gigging live)

    Many thanks for reading and also thanks in advance for any input provided.

    Much Love

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    Any tips/ideas anyone??

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    I am not familiar with mobile device apps therefore anything i recommend here may already be possible with apps like WEDJ GO and others.

    Let's go through your points.

    Macbook (Apple devices) have the unique exclusive mixing software SERATO which is recognised as being one of (if not..) the best software available. It's also the industry standard when it comes to the top-end club scene.

    I don't know about Spotify integration but i'd assume they wouldn't house extended versions of tracks, neither does Apple Music. I still use sources like LIVEDJSERVICE and p2p software SOULSEEKQT amongst other crates sent to me.

    Facebook streaming only allows up to 4 hours but there is an option for concurrent videos which will split and save them without disconnecting. I would recommend using the 'persistent key' option so even if for some reason the connection needs to be refreshed the key will remain the same.
    I personally use Wirecast and i do rate the software highly. OBS being open source does have much more capabilities in addons and plugins - but is CPU hungry.

    On OSX i use SOUNDFLOWER which can manipulate sound routing to virtual soundcard outputs. So i can create a virtual output that includes a choice of inputs. Then i can create more and more if so wish.

    VPUT1: Master Sound, Headphones, SL3 Card Booth.
    VPUT2: SL3 Card L/R.
    VPUT3: SL3 Card L/R, Mic Inout.
    Wirecast Sound Input: VPUT3 - WINAMP/ShoutcastDSP Input: VPUT1 - SERATO Input: VPUT2. (So i can stream to Facebook, stream to Lite Records, connect to mixing software.

    I hope this helps.

    Manchester UK 2005-2007 Magaluf ES 2006 - 2007 ​Blackpool UK 2009 Manchester UK 2010-2017

  4. Group Therapy
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    It does Thr33

    Spotify definitely has extended versions of tracks. Works really well on both the Djay2 app on OS X and ios.

    Few things I’ve learned here!

    I do use the persistent key but it seems to drop off. Not too worried about cpu as I’ve a pretty decent spec Msi pc at the streaming helm and prefer it as opposed to the Mac as a hub for streaming purposes.

    Don’t understand why it cuts randomly though (the stream)

    I didn’t know serato was apple...

    Now that I must look into.

    A lot of these pioneer dudes seem to like rekordbox for some reason.

    Thanks mate.

    Very insightful reply ��

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