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    Interview: Laidback Luke on mastering the art of DJing 

    Over the past 25 some odd years, the Electronic Music scene has gone through a complete transformation. From the packed, sweaty underground Techno scene from years past to the monstrous pop-culture and bass-infused modern era, the genre has grown exponentially. The underground and early days of the “EDM Transformation” saw a tightly knit group of fans divulged in the masterpiece LIVE production and music talent of sets changing pace at every beat, to a repetitive and almost predictable Live set scene currently taking over the world.

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    Maschine finally gets real-time timestretching 

    Maschine is finally getting real-time timestretching of loops in a new update coming December. In a video posted on their YouTube channel, Native Instruments teased the new update and although real-time timestretching is the main event, other features like loop hot-swapping, allowing you to switch out the loop you’re playing and drop in another all without missing a beat.

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    Martin Garrix drops 2 new tracks 

    Martin Garrix has dropped two new tracks to start December.

    Today (Friday) finally sees the release his festival-tested collaboration with David Guetta, entitled ‘So Far Away’, alongside a new production courtesy of his AREA21 alias.

    No longer featuring Ellie Goulding, ‘So Far Away’ now sees Jamie Scott and Romy Dya supplying the passionate vocals. As previously reported, Goulding’s management and label requested she be removed from the final release following its premature debut.

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    Streaming Service Pulselocker Shuts Down 

    Pulselocker, the DJ-focused music streaming service, just announced that it is ceasing operations. In an email sent out to users, Pulselocker cited “a combination of market circumstances and financial constraints” as the reasons for shutting down.

    Pulselocker steadily gained traction these past few years, gaining integration within DJ software like Serato DJ, Rekordbox DJ, and Virtual DJ. It was one of only two music streaming services which allowed you to legally stream songs for public performance. Virtual DJ’s online music service is the other, which is split among three plans from different providers: Music (provided by iDJ Pool), Karaoke (DigiTrax and Karaoke Cloud), and Video (VJPro).

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    Traktor 2.11.1 Brings Track Colour Coding 

    Native Instruments just released an update to its Traktor Pro 2 software. Version 2.11.1 adds the ability to colour code a track in Traktor’s browser which shows up in all your playlists and Traktor library searches. Stability improvements and minor fixes have also been implemented, including a simple way to save Remix Deck Sets.

    Traktor Pro 2 has been around for a while now, and the last major update to the software came in the form of Stems back in 2015. While it was a solid, well-executed idea that was fully supported

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    Skrillex wins DJ Mag Highest Bass 

    2017 highlights for Skrilelx include a legendary Dog Blood reboot with Boys Noize at HARD Summer, a get-together with his old emo band From First To Last, an appearance at the ACLU fund-raiser, and key festivals such as Burning Man and experimental gathering Form Acrosanti.

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    Tomorrowland reveals new theme for 2018 

    Tomorrowland has revealed a brand-new theme for 2018, plus the dates on which the festival with run next year.

    Titled The Story of Planaxis, Tomorrowland fans are invited to "be part of this fascinating new adventure and discover a magnificent new world" when the new theme launches next year.

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    Ableton update Live to version 9.7.5 

    Ableton have updated their popular DAW software Live to version 9.7.5, fixing some simple bugs and adding Control Surface support for Roli Blocks. Following last week’s announcement of the addition of Roli’s Launchpad M to the Blocks family, it’s not natively supported as controller within Live.

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    Apple launches iPhone products 

    Later today Apple will stream the launch of the new iPhone products. Find out more below. The leaked iOS 11, iPhone X & iPhone 8 / 8+ will be discussed.

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    Djs From Mars - The History Of Electronic Dance Music 

    "10 years ago i was doing these mashup mixes, it combined mixing great music and adding flavour with on-the-fly pella juggling. It's said that it has become more a commercial line these days with artists like DJ Earworm, i disagree. Nothing against these talented artists but they are studio compiling vocals over 'usually' one (or few) instrumental, that's arrangement. It's not the same as mixing a live dub set with an acapella disc on your third player." - 3initial

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