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  1. You could contact the guy who has it on Discogs and ask him if he's willing to share a WAV rip of the cd. It has worked for me several times.
  2. yeah I completely undertsand. I was only asking because on discogs there is a cd of full instrumentals so thought it was worth a try.
  3. I did? Oh that's right I did. It's hard to keep track of what I've shared over the years. The other day I grabbed the Sia Chandelier stems and when I went to back them up on my music drive, they had been there for a year. I think I'm getting a grandma brain.

    The Lambert track most likely came from UMG back in the day, and that's all there was. Otherwise I would've gotten the whole pack.
  4. Was just asking because you posted one of the main tracks from it "Whataya Want from Me" in lossless and thought it was worth checking. Thanks for replying.
  5. That's because pm'ing is now restricted to premium members or something.

    No I don't have them. Of every single member here, why did you assume I would? You're better off posting a request and hope someone picks it up.
  6. It doesn't let me message you on here but wondered if you had the instrumentals of Adam Lambert - For Your Entertainment (the full album, or even some of it?)
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