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  1. For anything further, get with bluzer in his private hangout. This is already too much said to cause trouble for the site.
  2. You also wanna close out as many background programs as you can from task manager and reboot in between rips.
  3. Also, use audacity for recording, get an older version like 2.0 or 3.0 beta Unicode from filehippo. One that allows for setting a memory cache preference which helps with recording to memory first which helps get less phasing issues. I usually use 1024 for 1gig of memory reserve.
  4. Ok, when ripping, you don't need to change pans , vols etc. that's generally for the decrypted dlc of older stuff. Secondly, the phasing issues may be due to your sound card. Also, if you are ripping using the analog cables for analog rips that can do it. If so I suggest you find you a $20 to 30.00 sound card off amazon and an optical cable so you can rip digitally. That's what I did and on averages I never suffere more than 2 to 3 samples off.
  5. Ok I basically have everything going well except some dta issues. Is there any way to record stereo pairs at once? Cause I'm getting some phase issues when syncing tracks. Some sync perfectly, others seem like the speed or something is varying throughout the track. Also, even after setting all the pans to a specific channel, still getting some leakage. I'm guessing all my problems can be solved with dta tweaking? Thanks again
  6. Um, no. You'll need the original LeFluffie mainly for rebuilding your DLC. The first steps is using Lefluffie to extract alll the DLC contents, then you need DTA Generator to modify the dta so it shows a different section of volumes for each instrument. Also a hex editor and an unlocker tool. Can't tell you what they are called off the top of my head. Message bluzer, he might can help you with those.
  7. Quick question, would the tool in this thread do the trick for ripping? I have a rough idea of where to go form here, thanks
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