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  Don't Threaten Me With A Country Song...
Panic! At The Disco - Don't Threaten Me With A Good Time Jason Aldean - She's Country...

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Added by: burntscarr

  No Money in September...
Usually when September rolls around, you lose all your money to new games and DLC. This mashup has nothing to do with that, but the title works well....

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Added by: burntscarr

  We Never Give You Hell Anymore...
Charlie Puth - We Don't Talk Anymore The All-American Rejects - Gives You Hell...

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Added by: burntscarr

  I Love To Get Low [mashup] - Dillon Francis/DJ Snake/Ellie Goulding...
Download this mix on Legitmix to support me & the artists featured: - Pretty sure the thumbnail looks way better than the video ha Vocals: Ellie Gouding - I Do What I Love Instrumental: Dillon Francis & DJ Snake - Get Low - Facebook:

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Added by: adrianliao

  Taylor Swift vs. Katy Perry - Roar of the Woods (Mashup)...
Mashup of:Out of the Woods - Taylor SwiftRoar - Katy Perry...

Views: 118
Added by: NBC016

  Viva la Kicks...
Viva la Vida vs. Pumped Up Kicks Coldplay vs. Foster the People...

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Added by: burntscarr

Asking Alexandria - I Won't Give In (Ft. Oli Sykes)
Ever since I first heard the song I noticed that AA covered Bring Me The Horizon's Sleepwalking and with a good enough chorus vocal track and extending the heavier part of the intro, I made it sound like the a newer version of the BMTH track. Basically made to prove to a friend that it sounds like BMTH....
Added by: Shikari-Fox
  Dr Kucho ft. Salt N Peppa - Dont Stop Playing (AYCE Push It Booty)
A lot of people have been requesting i put this online so ive 'give in'. Hope you enjoy listening to another one of your favorite weekend tracks on-the-go ;)...
Added by: Brad

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Latest Comments
Cylent1 Asking Alexandria - I Won't Give In (Ft. Oli Sykes)
Great job my friend!...
19:59, 12-04-2016 Cylent1
bigdave Dizzee vs Roll Deep - Good Flex Times (TopFloorDjs Wax Worx Mash)
These were the days! Going up town on students night, getting drunk and then pretending you could break dance when roll deep came on! Ha that's probably just me though :) Love the mash! Not heard it in a while, still sounds as good! Plus is that a young Dynamo at 1:18??...
12:25, 02-04-2016 bigdave
Brad Sweaty Sketty Girls
still gotta love this track haha...
10:42, 24-02-2015 Brad


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