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    Streaming Service Pulselocker Shuts Down 

    Pulselocker, the DJ-focused music streaming service, just announced that it is ceasing operations. In an email sent out to users, Pulselocker cited ďa combination of market circumstances and financial constraintsĒ as the reasons for shutting down.

    Pulselocker steadily gained traction these past few years, gaining integration within DJ software like Serato DJ, Rekordbox DJ, and Virtual DJ. It was one of only two music streaming services which allowed you to legally stream songs for public performance. Virtual DJís online music service is the other, which is split among three plans from different providers: Music (provided by iDJ Pool), Karaoke (DigiTrax and Karaoke Cloud), and Video (VJPro).

    Posted by Mr3 at 13:29 on 14-11-2017 and has been viewed 27 times.
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    Traktor 2.11.1 Brings Track Colour Coding 

    Native Instruments just released an update to its Traktor Pro 2 software. Version 2.11.1 adds the ability to colour code a track in Traktorís browser which shows up in all your playlists and Traktor library searches. Stability improvements and minor fixes have also been implemented, including a simple way to save Remix Deck Sets.

    Traktor Pro 2 has been around for a while now, and the last major update to the software came in the form of Stems back in 2015. While it was a solid, well-executed idea that was fully supported

    Posted by Mr3 at 13:26 on 14-11-2017 and has been viewed 23 times.
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    Ableton update Live to version 9.7.5 

    Ableton have updated their popular DAW software Live to version 9.7.5, fixing some simple bugs and adding Control Surface support for Roli Blocks. Following last weekís announcement of the addition of Roliís Launchpad M to the Blocks family, itís not natively supported as controller within Live.

    Posted by Mr3 at 17:19 on 24-10-2017 and has been viewed 145 times.
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    Apple launches iPhone products 

    Later today Apple will stream the launch of the new iPhone products. Find out more below. The leaked iOS 11, iPhone X & iPhone 8 / 8+ will be discussed.

    Posted by Mr3 at 13:14 on 12-09-2017 and has been viewed 417 times.
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    Serato Releases DJ/Producer Sample Plugin 

    Serato just released Serato Sample, a plugin for DJ/producers looking for an easy way to chop, stretch, and key shift music files. It has an interface that will be familiar to Serato DJ users consisting of a waveform display and 16 hot cue pads, and it uses Serato's own Pitch 'n Time algorithm for time stretching and pitch shifting. It works within digital audio workstations (DAWs) like Ableton Live, FL Studio and Logic Pro.

    Serato Sample works by allowing you to assign up to 16 cue points in a piece of audio such as a loop, one shot, or even an entire song. Each cue point can be manipulated in a number of ways, such as changing its pitch, and speeding it up or slowing it down. You then trigger cue points using your mouse, computer keyboard, a pad controller like the Push 2, Maschine, Novation Launchpad, or any other Midi-enabled controller.

    Posted by Mr3 at 14:29 on 01-08-2017 and has been viewed 614 times.
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    Best DJ Controller for Beginners 

    The DJ controller is now at the forefront of the digital dj era, and there are more than enough to choose from. At last count as of this post, there were more than 120 DJ controllers from major manufacturers, and most of them offer something different. So as someone who is just starting out, we wouldn't be surprised that it's difficult to decide on the best dj controller for beginners. Thankfully, we've got lots of experience in this department, and we'll help clear a few things up.

    Before you get started, it's important to gain a bit of an idea of what you're looking for. With such a saturated area of the DJ world, you'll get lost in the features, and be completely indecisive as to what you need and what you don't need. It can almost be intimidating as well, with some controllers costing nearly $2,000 (which may not represent the budget of a beginner DJ), and some costing under $100 (which may not have the right features). So read through this, and hopefully, you'll have an idea of what's right for you soon enough.

    Posted by Mr3 at 11:07 on 21-07-2017 and has been viewed 558 times.
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    Stanton refreshes it's line of flagship DJ Turntable 

    Stanton just released two new turntables, the ST.150 M2 and STR8.150 M2. They have been redesigned from the ground up, and feature a new, heavy-duty aluminium housing that makes them lighter than their predecessors. Stanton also updated the face of the turntables by moving controls around to make the decks less cluttered.

    Posted by Mr3 at 10:23 on 27-06-2017 and has been viewed 454 times.
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    Zedd releases his own headphones 

    Zedd's new headphones, created in partnership with Japanese tech company Double Zero, are now available to buy online.
    The US star announced the project earlier this month, saying he wanted to "create headphones that donít only look and feel incredible but also sound REAL".
    The cans are available to buy now from the Double Zero website for $199.99 USD.

    Posted by Mr3 at 12:51 on 29-04-2017 and has been viewed 528 times.

    Stream Face-Lift & How To Connect 

    We have been working for such a long time trying to get this feature perfect, the day has now arrived!

    Right now, any member can request a DJ account to broadcast a show.

    24/7 auto DJ streams playlists compiled by our Stream staff with a variety of genres. The panel displays the track playing, artist of that track, bitrate our server is streaming at and listener count with our default blue container.

    Members can broadcast live (see below for broadcasting protocols). The panel distinguishes auto from live and displays the show labelled by the DJ, name or alias of the DJ, bitrate the DJ is broadcasting at and listener count with a pale red container.

    To broadcast yourself you need

    Posted by Mr3 at 22:30 on 29-03-2017 and has been viewed 287 times.
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    Dave Smith Instruments ends development of its Tempest drum machine 

    Released in 2011, Dave Smith and Roger Linnís Tempest is one of the most ambitious and feature-packed drum machines on the market, but itís just been announced that itís reached the end of its development cycle.

    Writing on the DSI forum, Dave Smith said: ďWhen the Tempest was first conceived, we never imagined the many ways you would ultimately put it to use. As such, over time, we've done our best to add as many features as we deemed implementable within the Tempest's technical framework. We've listened to your requests and have

    Posted by Mr3 at 09:16 on 15-03-2017 and has been viewed 76 times.