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    More privileges for PRO members 
    20-06-2017 - 11:08

    Account upgrades here.

    Being a PRO account holder has always had valuable privileges which include no hidden content, unlimited downloads, no proxy detection and access to trading. Now to add to the goody bag you can use the chatbox, get priority broadcasting on the Stream and uploading audio & video to the Tube! (up to 200mb).

    With great value in our packages why not give it a test run?

    Stream Face-Lift & How To Connect 
    29-03-2017 - 22:30

    We have been working for such a long time trying to get this feature perfect, the day has now arrived!

    Right now, any member can request a DJ account to broadcast a show.

    24/7 auto DJ streams playlists compiled by our Stream staff with a variety of genres. The panel displays the track playing, artist of that track, bitrate our server is streaming at and listener count with our default blue container.

    Members can broadcast live (see below for broadcasting protocols). The panel distinguishes auto from live and displays the show labelled by the DJ, name or alias of the DJ, bitrate the DJ is broadcasting at and listener count with a pale red container.

    To broadcast yourself you need
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    Spring Mashup Competition 
    28-03-2017 - 13:47

    We hosted a fantastic mashup competition this Spring. From January 21 to March 20 we had over 30 artists take on requirements in each round being judged and voted for. We finally got down to just 5 artists in the final round of 3 rounds.

    "We will be hosting 2 annual mashup competitions in Spring & Autumn."

    First round applicants were asked to send in 1 track for submission with no guidelines.

    We judged and almost halved the artist count for the "boot camp" stage of the second round where artists were asked to create a mashup track with mulitple instrumentals/stems AND multiple acapellas/samples. We labelled all entries anonymously and hosted a poll for other members to vote for their favourite. Finally we were down to 6!

    In the finale to this great competition we pushed the