• [Listen] Diplo Removes “Bankroll” After Fans Trash It

    Diplo‘s latest surprise collab with Justin Bieber, Rich the Kid, and Young Thug called “Bankroll” had the title and credits to be huge. Apparently though, the actual music was nothing special. After Diplo retweeted a littany of fans dumping on the track, he removed the track from Soundcloud altogether.

    One thing’s for sure, and that is that the story surrounding this track will be very interesting. Did Diplo agree that the track sucked and maybe didn’t want to release it? At this time the track is completely erased from Soundcloud. Will we see a refreshed version or nothing at all? Can’t win em all, Diplo.

    This track is hard to find online, and for good reason! We found an amusing 'reaction video' you may enjoy. Use our article rating to rate this track & even comment your opinions.