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  • DJ Techniques to Practice While Away from Gigs

    Learning how to play a crowd is one of the hardest tasks for a DJ, especially for those who have week or month-long residences. Here are some effective ways to keep a positive energy for yourself before performing for your crowd:

    1) Record Your Performance
    This re-creates the "pressure" of performing for an audience, and allows you self-analyze each specific move and mistake you make during your set. It also allows you to take each self-recording as a confidence-builder, and opens more opportunities for you to step-up your knowledge the more you advance and correct yourself.

    2) Play With/Amongst Your Friends
    Remember, it's important to maintain your set as a social experiment, and allow your audience to dive into your talent. Making your set an open-minded social activity allows you explore abstract music and sounds, without making it feel like your doing it for undivided attention. Just keep it relaxed, and you'll be too.

    3) Stream Your Set
    As you become more experienced with more time invested into your craft, you can now handle the pressure of competing for attention while receiving feedback from listeners. This may also present you with ways to find out more about your audience's taste, and get more outside perspective on what the latest sounds are.

    Lite Records allows you to broadcast your craft via LiteCast. To find out how you can get your creations onto the stream, click here.

    Hope these tips help you on the way to the top!