1. True Ediots Mixtape #1


    Hello everybody
    Thought i would share this mixtape me and a buddy made for a competition in a Danish Radio Show


    ♫ Beggin' (Instrumental)
    ♪ I'm In Miami, Bitch (Acapella)
    ♪ Forgot About Dre (Acapella)
    ♫ I Could Be The One (Mavgoose & Quin Refixation) (Nyce Cutdown)
    ♫ Forgot About Fuckin Down (Nick Svenson Edit)
    ♫ Azumba (Original Mix)
    ♫ Who (Original Mix)
    ♫ Trumpsta (Djuro Remix)
    ♫ Sweet Dreams (Kriss-One Remix)
    ♫ Flat Beat (Mr Basic & Tony Tweaker Private Bootleg)
    ♪ Forgot About Dre (Acapella)
    ♫ For President (Original Mix)
    ♬ Where Do We Pon From Here (True Ediots & Anders T's WEIT Boot Remix)
    ♫ WEIT (Matt Hawk Fix)
    ♪ In Da Club (Acapella)
    ♫ Shake That Ass (ID Version)
    ♫ Ode Med Håret (Matt Hawk & Kwah's 'Oi!' Fix)
    ♫ Ode to Oi (Original Mix)

    - Cheers!